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    We believe in finding the best dwelling across the southeastern region to help satisfy our clients.

    Who We Are

    Edge Realty Group, founded by Patrick Lozito & Michael Hawthorne, is a new innovative real estate company aiming to set a higher standard of real estate service in the Greater Birmingham-Hoover Metropolitan Area. As a full service real estate firm, Edge Realty Group provides comprehensive support, with a commitment to educating both Buyers and Sellers. Specializing in Residential, Commercial, Property Management, Luxury & New Home Construction, we are also committed to Economic & Urban Revitalization. We also drive Community Participation in Land Development along with Promoting Investment in the City of Birmingham and surrounding areas. Edge Realty Group’s Leadership Team, have over a quarter billion dollars in sales, with over 30 years of building communities, behind these powerhouse realtors.

    Why We Do It

    Building Education in Equity for the 21st Century One Client at a Time!​

    Whether assisting Buyers or Seller in Building Home Value in Sales for Residential or Commercial properties, Building Property Management, Promoting New Construction Customization or Land Development, Edge Realty Group provides a 360° Service Package that will always establish the client’s needs front and center. Establishing Equity in your investment for each transaction, while providing Builder Services in Economic & Community Development, Edge Realty Group will drive Neighborhood Revitalization and Restoration across the Birmingham Metropolitan Footprint and Beyond!


    Let us help you understand your current Property Market Value Free of charge! Call us today at 205-582-2818 to learn the true value of your home today. Find the latest advantage of “Living Green in the Space Within”, utilizing green space development poised for the future. We all share in the global commitments that allow real estate opportunities to build on the home environment and strategies of investments for the future in the new 21st century real estate industry.

    Community Education

    Edge Realty Group is dedicated to the empowerment and expansion of knowledge in the community and surrounding areas through training and realty workshops. With this we plan on revealing the true power of increasing your cash flow and learning your equity potential in real estate.

  • builder services

    Excellence is the word that drives our Urban Revitalization and New Construction Team within Edge Realty Group. We are a Real Estate Services Company dedicated to enhancing the fabric of life in all America’s urban and trending neighborhoods through the strategic development, management and sale of residential and commercial property in the City of Birmingham and beyond. We use comprehensive problem solving schemes to address many of the complex, urban and trending community issues including: housing, transportation, sanitation, land use, traffic, and the sociological correlations of urban decay. Edge Realty Group is here to stimulate growth in trending areas and assist in driving new opportunities for the revitalization of communities in need.

  • property management

    Edge Realty Group makes every effort to keep you informed about your property. Our team keeps you updated on property activity, including vacancies, leasing, maintenance, inspections and financial reports. Whether you live a few blocks from your rental property or hundreds of miles away, we can assist you with maintaining your property.


    Property management

    In addition to your account, our team of highly-trained staff is here to answer your questions and work with you to get the best return on your investment.

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